Why Cake Pop Buddies help keep cake pops from falling off the stick

Throughout the last decade cake pops have been growing in popularity because hey, everything is better on a stick, right?

The problem is that while we undoubtedly enjoy stick mounted foods, not all foods have the proper mechanical properties to be securely fastened to a stick. The cake pop concept is actually an effort to modify the mechanical properties of cake so that it is suitable for presentation on a stick. Mashing up cake and adding frosting increases the compression (crushing) strength and the tensile (pull apart) strength. The chocolate coating on the cake pops adds rigidity to the entire structure. Freezing is often used to temporarily harden the entire cake pop structure while it is being made.

The truth is that even with the best techniques cake pops often fail during assembly or, even worse, when they are being consumed. The solution to this problem is to engineer a stick to enhance the mechanical properties inherently lacking in cake pops. Cake Pop Buddies does this utilizing a support plate and auger tip to provide a secure platform that significantly increases the stability of the pastry, appetizer, or other food product on the stick. With the added stability that Cake Pop Buddies create bakers are now free to be more bold in their creations.