Children growing up in the time of cake pops will see them as a usual member in the pantheon of pastries

It might seem strange to someone born after 2000, but to many people coming of age right now the cake pop has always been a thing. People in this demographic hold fond memories of tagging along with their parents while they satisfy their Starbucks grande latte addiction and, of course, get "a little something" for the kids. fast forward to 2020 and that "little something" has ballooned into a 300 million dollar industry that is not likely going anywhere soon. What the older generation may not realize is that cake pops, far from being a trend, are more prominent in the younger generation than the doughnut. The only thing that ever really stood in the way of cake pops is that they can fall off of their stick. Recent innovations like Cake Pop Buddies, which do a better job  securing food to the end of a stick, are opening the door for this truly American pastry.